Thursday, January 28, 2016

Justin Peard Director Busama Entertainment

Justin Peard has Directed Busama Entertainment for more than 10 years. After working in the hospitality & recruitment industries all over the world, Justin moved into the exotic dancing industry and worked in Australia, Japan, New Zealand & Europe. Busama Entertainment is a global exotic & pole dancer, gogo dancer and hostess jobs travel agency. Although the vast majority of our dancers are extremely happy working with us, it is impossible to keep 100% of our dancers happy, everyone wants different things out of their time traveling and working and some dancers are not satisfied. We are extremely excited that the numbers of classy Gentlemen's clubs that are working with us is growing all the time, and so are the numbers of international dancers that sign up with us every week. We are happy to be able to provide an agency where dancers can feel safe that the clubs they are going to work in, are safe, clean and very classy.